Adam Neate (British-)

I am unable to obtain an authorized biography of Adam Neate. The information I have acquired on web sites is that prior to living in London, Adam spent two years living in Ipswich working as a designer. His spare time was dedicated to skateboarding and painting. Usually he would paint on old bits of cardboard, wood etc — literally anything he could get his hands on.

Whilst living in London, Adam Neate had left thousands of pieces of work on the streets of London, either hanging on nails or propped against lampposts for people to find. His two and three-dimensional paintings use recycled cardboard boxes as canvases – torn, layered and stapled backdrops to mesmerizing, warped self-portraits and figurative compositions.

Having had first solo show at Elms Lester’s, which was a sellout show, he started to paint on canvas and paper. He has had many solo shows at Elms Lester’s, his art transgressing enormously in becoming far more confident pieces of work, bigger in scale and using more traditional methods. Beside his paintings on canvas and cardboard,he has produced Giclee’s/ink jet limited editions of his work; hand painted pots, made in conjunction with ex- Camberwell potter & teacher Dan Kelly and drawn on Skateboards.

Neate is a street artist with a difference. His work is technically expert and has won him acknowledgement from Tate, National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery. 
Neate’s street art has garnered global interest, having been documented on CNN reports and European television.
He presently lives with his wife and son in Brighton.

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