Aki Moriuchi  (Japanese 1947-)

Aki Moriuchi potter and painter, born in Tokyo but has lived in the UK since 1971 and only became interested in making ceramics some years after settling here. Initially she concentrated on producing tableware based on traditional Japanese items, working in Barnet and in Edgware. In 2003 she moved to St.Ives, Cornwall returning to London afew years later in 2007.  Her work developed away from the practical to encompass the sculptural work for which she is better known. They were individual pieces and series of vessels forms which were made up with layers of glazes and usually fired more than once to stoneware temperature using volcanic glazes.  Following this Aki would sandblast the surface; her own speeded up weathering, a process that fascinated her, until satisfied with the outcome.

At her solo exhibition, held at the Harlequin Gallery, London in November 2006, she announced that it was to be her last exhibition, as she had decided to stop potting. Since then she spent time travelling and developing her skills as an artist

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