Anna Silverton  British

Anna Silverton, potter and ceramicist born in Gloucestershire, the Forest of Dean. After a Foundation course at Cheltenham she moved to London to train at Camberwell School of Art and subsequently gained a MA at the Royal College of Art. After completing her Master’s degree she lived in America, where she gained valuable teaching experience at Syracuse University.
On her return from America in the 1990s she benefitted from a Crafts Council grant, which enabled her to set up a studio. She has maintained a studio in London ever since in Sydenham, London.
She also works part-time at Morley College in London, where she is the Program Manager of the HND Ceramics course. ‘I feel very fortunate to work with a talented and enthusiastic team and to teach such well-motivated adult students. I find it brings balance to my studio practice as a ceramicist, which is by nature solitary and contemplative.’

Memberships and Galleries
Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London
Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, London
Maud and Mabel, London
Bevere Gallery, Worcestershire

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