Jacob Bornfriend (Bauernfriend) 1904-1976

Jacob Bornfriend was a print maker and a painter in oil & tempera, mainly landscapes and still life.Born in Zborov, Czechoslavakia ( as Bauerfreund, later Anglicized) he was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, 1930-35, under Willi Nowak. All early work lost when he moved to England in 1939 to escape the Nazi’s. His  first one man show at Roland and Delbanco, London in 1950, and again in 1952, and Goteberg in 1953. Bornfriend painted a large mural for the Jews College, London in 1957, having done mural work in Czechoslavakia. A set of mixed media prints were made based on this mural showing Jewish Festival’s, these were presented to the Ben Uri Gallery. The Tate Gallery, Southampton City Art gallery, several colleges at Oxford and many galleries abroad hold his work including the National gallery in Prague and the National Museums in Moravia and Slovakia. Lived in London.

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