César Domela   Dutch 1900-1992

César Domela, painter, born in Amsterdam 1900.  A Self taught artist, he exhibited in the novembergruppe ,in  Berlin in 1923 and became friends with Mondrian in Paris in 1924.  César Domela became a member of the de stijil movement but lived in  Berlin between the years 1927 to 1933.  He had an exhibition at the Galerié Pierre in 1934. He became the  co-editor of La revue Plastique with the Arps in 1937 . Domela left Berlin with the rise of Hitler and settled in Paris, After the war he exhibited in Peintures Abstraites, the first abstract show  in 1944. He was a  founder member of centre de recherché in 1946.He travelled to  London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and  Brazil.

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