MOORE, Deana

Deana Moore   British 1956

I specialize in handmade pieces using earthenware clay, employing the ancient coiling method to create unique forms. With a deep-rooted fascination for history and early ceramics, I aim to capture the essence of tradition infusing it into a contemporary piece. By embracing asymmetry in my work I show the tactile nature of hand building; the use of bright colours giving the my work a contemporary look.

The pieces are fired 1100 centigrade and therefore economical in energy use. I occasionally formulate and experiment with new colours and combinations in my workshop.

Drawing inspiration from the vivid palette of nature and the bold compositions found in the works of artists such as Terry Frost, Barbara Rae, and Patrick Heron. I like joyful colour in my living space and agree what Guy Taplin, the sculptor, said ‘Art must add to Life’.

I was proud and excited when my work was selected as the ‘Coiling Showcase’ in Dorling Kindersly ‘Complete Pottery Techniques, 2019.

Work Published:

‘Complete Pottery Techniques’ 2019. Coiling Showcase

Homes & Antiques. September 2018

London Potters: 2018.No.184 article


1977  Harlow Theatre

1978  ‘Innate Harmony’  St. Johns Woods, London.

1982  ‘Clay in the Garden’  Seven Dials Gallery, Covent Garden, London.

1983  ‘Pots for Plants’  Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

1983  Westminster Trading Company, Boston, USA

1983  ‘Arredato’ Knightsbridge, London

2017  London Potters, Morley College

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