Dolf Rieser (1893-1983)

The South African etcher and engraver Dolf Rieser was trained initially as a scientist and engineer. Dolf Rieser was first instructed in the art of engraving by Joseph Hecht, soon after his arrival in Paris and attended the pioneering avant-garde workshop of S.W. Hayter at Atelier 17. Through his connections with John Buckland Wright, who was working at Atelier 17 during the 1930’s, and through the founder of the Atelier, S.W. Hayter. Rieser,having moved to England to join the war effort in 1940, settled to civilian life, lecturing in biology, liberal studies and art, also giving private tuition in printmaking.  The majority of his work is based on the theme of animal and bird forms, inspired by African tribal art. Dolf Rieser was almost invariably assisted by Joseph Hecht in the printing of his plates.
princess who turned into a fabulous bird.

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