SEAGO, Edward

Edward Seago  British 1910-1974

Edward Seago, painter, writer and illustrator, born in Norwich. He was confined to bed for much of his childhood, suffering from a heart complaint,and consequently had little formal education, and was mainly self-taught as an artist. At fourteen, he won an award from the Royal Drawing Society.  From 1928 to 1933 he travelled with circuses in Britain and abroad, and he wrote three illustrated books on the circus in the 1930s. However, he became best known for landscapes and portraits In the Second World War he worked in the camouflage department. . During the Second World War he served as a camouflage officer and after being invalided from the army in 1944 he was invited by Field Marshal Alexander to paint scenes of the Italian campaign reproductions of these paintings were published in book form as With the Allied Armies in Italy in 1945.  In 1953 he was appointed an official Coronation artist and in 1956–7 he accompanied the Duke of Edinburgh on a world tour. An exhibition of the pictures he painted on this tour was held at St James’s Palace in 1957.The Queen Mother regularly purchased his work. Seago died of a brain tumour in London in 1974. In his will he requested that one third of his paintings currently in his Norwich studio were to be destroyed. There remain about 19,000 water colours and 300 oil paintings worldwide. A major retrospective of his work was held in autumn 2008 in London.

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