Edward Wadsworth  British 1889-1949

Edward Wadsworth painter and print maker born in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, Wadsworth studied engineering in Munich. He rebelled against joining the family business, instead he studied art at Bradford School of Art in 1908 under Charles Stephenson, later winning a scholarship to the Slade School of Fine Art (1908-12).It was at the Slade he befriended fellow students Nevinson, Bomberg, Roberts and met Roger Fry, who lectured Art History at the Slade. Wadsworth helped Fry in the Omega Workshop, and it was here that he met Wyndham Lewis and became associated with the Vorticist Group and did work for the ‘Blast’ magazine. During the First World War, Wadsworth served with the Royal Navel Volunteer Reserve and was engaged in camouflaging allied shipping and produced an outstanding series of wood cuts. Wadsworth joined the London Group in 1914, became a member of Group X in 1920, New English Art Club in 1921 and Unit One in 1933.
Adelphi Gallery 1919 (solo)
SWE 1920
Leicester Galleries 1923 (solo)
Arthur Tooth & Sons
Mayor Gallery
Tate Gallery 1951
Venice Biennale 1952.

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