AYLIEFF, Felicity

Felicity Aylieff    British 1954-

Felicity Aylieff, ceramicist, potter and teacher. She builds hand build using earthenware & porcelain clay with agate inlay & sgraffito to achieve rich surfaces with mat finishes. From 1994 her work became large scale sculptural forms which were hand built or multi-piece moulds with white clay body with aggregates which have pitted or polished surfaces. From 2006 her works consists of small scale pieces but mainly large monumental pots up to four metres high which are thrown on a wheel and painted using cobalt blue oxide.She is married to Japanese potter Takeshi Yasuda who has a workshop in China where she has her large monumental pots made.

She studied at Bath Academy of Art ,1972-1978), Goldsmiths College (1978-79) and at the Royal College of Art (1993-1996). She taught ceramics at Bedales School in Hampshire,  Bath College of Higher Education, Goldsmiths College, Bath Spa University and at present, she teaches at the Royal College of Art.

Her solo exhibitions include Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath; Loes and Reinier, Netherlands; Contemporary Applied Arts, London among other. Adrian Sasson Gallery represents her work.

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