BORÈS Francisco

Francisco Bores        (Spanish 1898-1972)

Francisco Bores, born in Madrid in 1898, the son of the governor of the Philippine Islands. He studied Art in a private academy and discovered the Spanish masters for himself at the Prado. After the World War 1 he participated in the avant-guarde Ultraist movement, and exhibited for the first time at the Salon of Iberian Artists in Madrid in 1923. Shortly afterwards he went to Paris, where he met Juan Gris, Miro & Picabia. It was in Paris where his entire career as a painter was to  develop. He was greatly encouraged by Matisse. His first Paris exhibition at the Galerie Percier in 1927. He developed a style which was neither realistic nor abstract. Bores has had many exhibitions in paris at the leonce Rosenberg, Vavin-raspail, Renou et Colle, de France, Pierre, Kahnvieler and Louis Carre galleries. He is represented in many museums.

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