Graham Ovenden  British 1943-

Painter, printmaker, photographer and writer. Graham Ovenden is an English artist, born in 1943. He attended Itchen Grammar School between 1954 and 1959 and Albert Ketèlbey taught him music in private. Before taking painting as a subject in 1962, Ovenden studied at Royal College of MusicJohn Betjeman and Lord David Cecil tutored him. He went to Southampton Art School and in 1968 completed graduation from Royal College of Art. In 1973, he  and his wife Annie Ovenden moved to Cornwall.

He was the founding member of Brotherhood of Ruralists  in 1975, with Ann Arnold, Annie Ovenden, Jann Haworth, Peter Blake, Graham Arnold and David Inshaw. Although it no longer exists, there was a major show in 20015 at the Leicester Galleries.

His reputation has been marred recently by being imprisoned for indecency with a child.

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