GOTLIB, Henryk

Henryk Gotlib  Polish 1890-1966

Henryk Gotlib, painter, printmaker, sculptor and writer. Gotlib was born in Cracow, Poland and studied art in Munich, Amsterdam and Paris. His first solo show was in 1918 in Warsaw. Gotlib had become a member of the ‘Formist’  group, a avant garde movement in Poland in response to its independence in 1918. Although Gotlib lived in Paris in the 1920’s, he had several exhibitions in Berlin and Amsterdam. In the 1930’s he travelled widely throughout Europe but exhibited mainly in Poland where he also had written articles on art published. He visited Cornwall just before the outbreak of the Second World War and decided to settle in Britain. He was forty nine by the time Britain and Poland were at war with Germany. He got married and settled in London. He had several one man shows at Roland, Browse and Delbanco but his style changed in the late 1940’s, making his art less appealing to the collectors. He also had exhibitions at the Crane Kalman Gallery & at O’Hara Gallery. With his death in 1966, his wife organised a retrospective exhibition in 1970 at the National Gallery of Scotland;  Morley Gallery in 1970; the Boundary Gallery in 1988; the Connaught Brown in 1996. He lived in South Godstone, Surrey.

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