HILER, Hilaire

Hilaire Hiler American 1898-1966

Hilaire Hiler was born in Minnesota, he attended Rhode Island School of Design and later studied at studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Continuing his studies at the Pennsylvania School of Industrial Art, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, and William Server’s studio. He also studied at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Denver, Golden State University, and National College in Ontario, Canada. He travelled to France to study at the University of Paris in 1919. Hiler lived in Paris from 1919-1934, supporting himself as a jazz musician whilst working as an artist.

Hiler moved back to America in 1934, settling in San Francisco. He was commissioned by the Works Progress Administration to paint murals in the Aquatic Park Bath House, which is now the National Maritime Museum. In the 1940’s, he founded Fremont College in Los Angeles. In 1944, he moved the college to Santa Fe (now named Hiler College).

Exhibited: Salon des Independents; Salon d’Automne, Paris; Salons of Am., 1934; CAA traveling exh., 1934; GGE, 1939; Am. Artists European traveling exh., 1947; Leicester Gal., London, 1926-32; Ecole de Paris, 1929; AIC, 1945-47; New Mexico traveling exh., 1949; Japanese exh. of American Painters, 1949-50; Pittsburgh, PA, 1926; solos: New Gal., 1926; Dover Gal., London, 1926; Ferargil Gal., 1928; New Art Circle, 1930.Georges Petit Gal., Paris, 1932; Mellon Gal., Phila., PA, 1932; Milwaukee AI (with Carl Holty), 1937; Veteran’s Memorial Museum., San Francisco, 1937; City of Paris Gal., San Francisco, 1938; California Institute Tech., 1942; Argent Gal., 1942; Perls Gal., Hollywood, 1942; Santa Barbara Mus. Art, 1944; Museum of New Mexico, 1945, 1946; Carlebach Gal., 1947; Georg Jenson, 1948; Vesuvio Gal., San Francisco, 1949; Newark AI, 1950; L’Abbaye, Paris, 1950; Mansard Gal., London, 1955; Societe de Arquitectos Mexicanos, Casa del Arquitecto, Mexico City, 1956; Galerie de l’Institut, Paris, 1957; Collectors’ Gal., NY, 1958; Provincetown Art Festival, 1958; Carnegie Intl., 1959; David Bromberg Gal., 1961; Ritchie Hendrick’s Gal., Dublin, 1963.

Works Held: Musee du Luxembourg; CPLH; Santa Barbara Museum of Art; Museum of New Mexico; MMA; Veteran’s Memorial Museum, San Francisco; LACMA; Museum of Living Art, New York. Book in “Vault of Significant Literature,” Harvard University murals, Aquatic Park Casino, San Francisco.; Le Jockey Maryland Club Gardens, Benning, MD

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