LEACH, David

David Leach  British 1911-2005

David Leach, studio potter, son of Bernard Leach, born in Tokyo. He came to England in 1920 and after school and an apprenticeship at Leach pottery, he attended North Staffordshire  Technical College, Stoke-on-Trent and a Potter managers Course 1935-7. He returned to Leach Pottery and after the Second World War he became a partner in the Leach Pottery. In 1951, he helped to start up a pottery in Sandefjord, Norway and the Aylesford Pottery for the Carmelite monks in 1954-6. His partnership with his father ended in 1956, when Bernard married Janet Leach and she took over the management of Leach Potter. David Leach set up his own pottery, Lowerdown Pottery, Bovey Tracey in Devon.

His work mainly consisted of slip ware until 1937, but changed to stoneware pottery. However he returned using slip ware in 1956-61. He mainly made domestic and individual functional pieces in stoneware and porcelain. These were usually thrown and turned with beating & carving.

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