Linda Gunn-Russell  British 1953-

Linda Gunn-Russell is a British ceramist. She trained at the Camberwell School of Art from 1971 to 1975. Since then she has had various studios around London.

Her early work consisted of slip cast and press moulded but she started to use slabs to build flatted forms in shape of familiar objects such as teapots and jugs. Her work is earthenware with slip painted decoration or sponged. Sue later used wax & paper resist decoration with colour glaze.  She is well-known for her colourful, hand-built sculptural vessels, working in a flattened perspective trompe-l’oeil style akin to that of Elizabeth Fritsch. Accustomed pot shapes are flattened and distorted, challenging our traditional views of shape and perspective.

Amongst her influences she counts her teachers Glenys Barton, Ian Godfrey, Janice Tchalenko and others. Her work can be found in the Victoria & Albert Museum collection among others.

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