Loic Dubigeon  French 1934-2001

Loic Dubigeon was born in Nantes, France. After a brief career as a racing driver, he eventually became an artist and illustrator (1954). His early work appear to be depictions of still life, however by the 1960’s his work became more abstract. By the 1970’s his work changed into highly detailed photo-realistic erotic art, which he is probably most famous for. Dubigeon found a very unique style using shadow and light.
However his erotic art was only a part of his entire oeuvre. Dubigeon also did oil paintings, watercolours, collages and worked in many other styles and genres. He even designed scarves for Hermes. He had exhibitions in major cities such as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Hamburg, Vienna, New York and San Francisco. His art was published in several albums and books.

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Still Life Study by Loic Dubigeon