Pol Bury   (Belgian 1922-2005) 

Pol Bury was a Belgian sculptor, painter and filmmaker who began his artistic career as a painter in the Jeune Peintre Belge and COBRA groups. After studying briefly at the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Mons 1938-9, he frequented the circle of Surrealist poets at La Louvière and was influenced by the paintings of Magritte and Tanguy. Pol Bury was represented in the Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme in Brussels 1945. First principal one-man exhibition at the Galerie Apollo, Brussels, 1953. Pol Bury gave up painting in 1953 and experimented with various types of kinetic works, introducing motors in 1957 and making the parts move with an almost imperceptible but jerky slowness, and in a random way. He moved to France in 1961 and  frequently visited the USA.

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