Pure Evil or Charles Uzzell-Edwards is a graffiti and street artist , his tag is of a vampire bunny rabbit. He is the son of the late Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. Pure Evil was born in South Wales and studied fashion and graphics in London. After finishing, in the early 90’s , he went to live in California and on the West Coast, working as one of the designers for a clothing label called Anarchic Adjustment with Alan Brown and Nick Philip. He was producing screen-printed t-shirt graphics and became involved in the electronic music scene in San Francisco. Pure Evil’s street art began in California. After 10 years in California, heavily influenced by West Coast graffiti artists like TWIST and REMINISCE and skate art, he returned to London. Pure Evil started producing new prints and artwork. He has exhibited worldwide in China, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, and all over Europe

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