RICHARDS, Christine-Ann

Christine Ann Richards    (British 1944- )

Potter and ceramicist trained at Harrow School of Art and Technology. She furthered her studies and worked with Mick Casson (1971-73) and Bryan Newman and David Leach (1973-74). In London, she started her own workshop as a member of the Barbican Arts Group (1975-83) and in 1976 was elected to membership of the Craftsmen Potters Association and the Society of Designer Craftsmen. In 1993 she moved to Somerset where she now has her studio. She specialises in thrown porcelain firing to stoneware specializing in crackle and monochrome glazes.

Since 1989 she began working with vitrified earthenware clay making large pieces. In 1996 she received a Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship to Japan. In 1997 she was named ‘Somerset Craftsperson of the Year’ for her new work.


Published articles:

1978   ‘Colouring Glazes’ Ceramics Review No. 54

1986   ‘Early Northrn Whitewares of Gongxian, Xing and Ding’

Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society vol.49

1988     Solo Travel in China’ The Guardian-September Feature

1989     ‘China-Ten years on’ Ceramic Review No.117

1991     ‘A Potters day’ Ceramic Review No.128

1995     ‘Equipment in the Workshop’ The Kiln CPA News No.41

1995     ‘The Spirit Way’ China Review, Autumn/Winter

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