SKIOLD, Birgit

‘A Tribute to Birgit Skiöld’ (1923-1982)  is a collection of prints made in the honor of Birgit. She was a Swedish printmaker, heralded as one of the most important printmakers of the 20th century. From 1958 until her death in May 1982, Birgit ran the highly successful Print Workshop in the basement of 28 Charlotte Street, London. The workshop was the first open-access professional print workshop in England. After the death of the artist, ‘A Tribute to Birgit Skiold’ was produced to raise funds for the Birgit Skiold Memorial Trust in 1983.

Over one hundred and eighteen artists from various countries contributed free of charge an edition of 25 prints in the 30 x 30 cm format, to create a portfolio of three volumes. Even the paper used was donated by the paper manufacturers such as Barcham Green and Co.Ltd. The artists featured in this portfolio were taught by or worked with Skiöld. 

‘The project of a memorial volume of prints by artists from this country and abroad who had worked with or otherwise knew Birgit seemed an appropriate way of both helping to fund the Trust and affording artists the opportunity of demonstration their affection and admiration of her.’

Most of the box sets are now kept in public institutions such as the Tate Gallery, The British Museum and the National Gallery of Australia. Therefore the etchings are difficult to come by and rarely seen on the market.

The box sets were a collection of etchings, the first box consisting of tributes by Graham Reynolds, Nils Stenquist, John McEwen Pat Gilmour and two poems, one by Edward Lucie Smith and James Kirkup.

All the etching and original prints sheet sizes are  30 x 30cm (11.5 x 11.5 inches), are for sale.

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