BAYER, Svend

Svend Bayer (British 1946-

Born in Uganda in 1946 to Danish parents, Svend Bayer spent his childhood in Tanganyika. It was during his time at university that Bayer discovered pottery, and a gift from his girlfriend of Bernard Leach’s A Potters Book introduced him to the pots of Michael Cardew. In 1965-1968, Bayer studied at Exeter University. He began working with Michael Cardew at Wenford Pottery as a thrower. After  travelling in the Far East Asia and the USA,he set up his own workshop in Sheepwash, Devon in 1975.Where he stills lives. His work is held in major collections worldwide. He has received the John Ruskin award, held workshops all over the world and had residencies in America & Australia.


‘I make a range of woodfired stoneware. The firings last up to six days. The surfaces of the pots are altered by the ubiquitous presence of ash and embers throughout the firing.’

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