Helmuth Weissenborn           German 1898-1982

Painter, printmaker and teacher. Born in Leipzig, Professor Weissenborn studied at the Academy for Graphic Art and Book Design, Leipzig from 1919 after war service.. He read Art history, philosophy and anthropology at the Leipzig University and gained his doctorate in 1925. Weissenborn taught at the Academy  for Graphic Art in Leipzig for thirteen years. He emigrated to London in 1938 and from 1941-70 , he was a visiting teacher at Ravensbourne College of Art, Bromley. In 1943, Weissenborn had his first solo show at Archer Gallery, which led to an order from the Baynard Press, where he met his wife Lesley Macdonald, sister of the artist Frances Macdonald. In 1946 they took over the Acorn Press, founded by Fred Phillips of the Baynard Press in 1927, which had become defunct. This led to the publication of Children’s books and later limited private press editions of high quality. Weissenborn showed with the London Group, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Gutenburg Museum.

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