Collection of correspondence between Adrian Ryan and Sven Berlin (and others). A postcard to Juanita Berlin; a letter/card to Juanita and Sven Berlin at the Tower Saint Ives dated 1948; 22 letters and cards from Adrian Ryan to Sven Berlin from the 1950s to 1991 (the majority from late 1980s to 1991). An autograph letter (he has marked ‘Not Sent’ from 1992 to Adrian Ryan; a drawing by Ryan of a work by Wallis with framing notes. One letter contains a copy of portrait photogaph of Ryan from 1957. Severl letters mention Augustus John and his time in Saint Ives. Others mention Max Chapman and Oswell Blakeston, Peter Cochrane and the Tooth galleries. One letter seems to be from the 60s talks of Patrick Heron ‘My Dear Sven, many thanks for your letter we haven’t been to see Juanita’s show yet. We rang the gallery on opening day to see if you or she were there-in which case we were going-Now will wait til the 7th (That’s the day they said you’d be there.) I wish her the best of luck. I don’t think Pat mentioned you in his book -I know he didn’t mention me! has bought Eagles Nest but is dithering about going down there He was very pleasant at my show. But I don’t think I’m one of his Boys anymore! Small carvings. Your CUNT is I believe in the basement. I just don’t feel like writing-altho the sun is shining. Lots os love to you all Ade.’

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