FERRY, David

‘A’Chir ‘ by David Ferry



 David Ferry Screen Print.

The screen print forms a part of the new series called ‘ Cake walking in Scotland’  printed in 2015/16. It is a Digital Archive print with gold and silver leaf and glitter and varnish. From a very small edition of twelve copies only.

Size  594 x 841 mm  (23.1 x 33.1 inches)

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‘Upon entering a strange place, the visitor is disorientated. He looks for key markers that can act as signposts to help him find his way. These markers are taken from his past experiences, giving shape to his perceptions.’…’ Ferry was born in the seaside town of Blackpool and educated at London art colleges during the late 1970s at the height of British Punk. These early foundations continue to assert themselves in the mischievous and disruptive nature of his photomontage. He argues that early understandings of oneself, along with the characters and situations one encounters, shape our viewpoint. These act as familiar signposts that enable us to negotiate our understanding of the world. Employing what he refers to as a collage mentality, Ferry collides and layers fragments to explore his subjects.’ Writes Stephen Clarke on David Ferry’s work inThe Double Negative’

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