ADAMS, Norman

Adams, Normand and Anna. Happy Christmas and New Year card.Linocut of flowers



Adams, Norman and Anna. Happy Christmas and New Year card.Linocut of flowers

Happy Christmas and New Year 1971/72 A large linocut printed in black on cream coloured tissue paper showing flowers. The sheet is folded into two and attached at all four corners onto a thicker piece of paper. . In the lower margin outside the image in biro for Christmas 71 and New Year 72. From Norman and Anna with love. When folded the front has a small design , snow flake with Greetings in ink hand written. The card does not lay flat due to the tissue paper being tight in the fold.

Open Sheet size 21.5 x29 cm ( 8.5 x 11.5 inches) Card size 14.5 x29 cm ( 8.5 x 5.5 inches)

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From the collection of Howard Bliss (1894-1977) and John Marshall (1911-1995) Howard Bliss was an important patron and a close friend to Ivon Hitchens

Norman Adams RA British 1927 2005) was a British artist, and professor of painting at the Royal Academy Schools. Besides painting he was a stage and costume designer, and painted murals and made pots. He studied at harrow School of a Art 1948-51 and had his first solo show at Gimpel Fils in 1952. And Fine Art Society in 2004. He had early success in stage design and mural painting s. From 1962-70 he was the head of painting school at Manchester College of Art, later becoming professor of painting at Newcastle University, 1981-6. From 1986-95 he was professor of painting and keeper at Royal Academy. His work is held at the Tate Gallery. He was married to the English poet and artist Anna Adams (1926 2011).

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Publisher: Self published.
Date: 1971
Place: Manchester
Book ID: 60003070

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