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Anthony Caro pop up sculpture titled ‘Leaf Pool’



Anthony Caro card sculpture framed in a clear acrylic box. The sculpture is handmade by David Pelham, who collaborated with Caro, to produce this piece. Not unlike a pop-up book, it folds open to appear as a sculpture. Made in an edition of 500 copies which were signed and numbered, this is number 343.The box frame is badly scratched in the top right side corner, else very good

Size opened : 30 x 55cm  ( 11.81 x 23.62 x 3.5 inches)

Box Frame 35 x 59cm; 13cm  (14 x 26 inches ; Depth 5 inches )

Provenance: Dr.Jeffrey Sherwin Collection.

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Provenance:  Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London

Anthony Caro’s Leaf Pool (1996/2000) is the result of a collaboration between the sculptor and the award-winning designer and paper-engineer David Pelham. Caro was inspired by Pelham’s pop-up creations, seeing in them the potential for a different kind of art work available to a new and wider audience. Using the card in a way natural to it, Caro worked with Pelham to create ‘Leaf Pool’ which, as it is opened, grows into a sculpture before one’s eyes.

It was exhibited  at  ‘Foss fine art 2009’ and ‘Sixty Years of British Art’, 2 March – 2 April 2011, Bernard Jacobson Gallery, New York


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