SMITH, Bob and Roberta

Bob and Roberta Smith rubbing in blue and silver



Bob and Roberta Smith rubbing in  blue and silver crayon using a stone designed  by Bob and Roberta Smith. The rubbing was  made by myself at the Art Car Boot fair. The artist supplied the paper, explained how to do a rubbing of a plate ( from rubbing crayon over a plate with a raised image that he had made) and he signed it afterwards.
Image size 45 x 30cm  (17.5 x 12 inches)
Sheet size 60 x 40cm  (23.5 x 15.5 inches)


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‘Bob and Roberta Smith see art as an important element in democratic life. Much of their art takes the form of painted signs. Central to Bob and Roberta Smith’s thinking is the idea that campaigns are extended art works which include a variety of consciousness raising artefacts.’ Statement from  Bob & Roberta Smith web site

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