Busy Seaport Panorama – with movable pictures – complete with all original figures



Busy Seaport Panorama – With Movable Pictures – complete with all original figures

Not dated but circa 1952. Large oblong 4to. Panel of 4 pieces of card which can be unfolded into a panorama showing a seaport and the ships within which can stand up. The pages have slots and the movable pieces can be inserted into its designated number. On the verso is text all about the busy life in a port. A Tuck movable fold out panorama book, complete with all 37 of the original movable figures all in their designated slots. The Rear panel is designed as a pocket to hold the figures when not in use. There is some light wear around the edges of the panorama some light creasing to the small pieces which are hard for small fingers to handle. Not pristine but still in very good condition and amazing that it is still complete after all this time. As an activity is is quite clever, use of number skills, number recognition and sequencing and to aid finger control.

Size 25 x 31cm [10 x 12 inches ]

Item details

Publisher: Raphael Tuck
Date: 1952
Place: London
Book ID: 60003649

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