C.R.W. Nevinson ‘The Spirit of Progress’



Lithograph printed in dark brown coloured ink on cream tinted paper. As published by ‘The Studio‘ magazine April 1933. This lithograph was especially designed by Nevinson for the ‘Special Birthday Number 40‘. In good condition.

Sheet size 290 x 200mm (11.5 x 8 inches)

Reference: Black 14

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Designed by C.R.W. Nevinson, a war artist, who saw & recorded the horrors of the First World War, it was fitting that C Geoffrey Holme asked Nevinson to design a lithograph to be published in the special 40 year edition of  ‘The Studio.’  It is important to remember when this image was made, many young men were still scarred, mentally & physically, from the First World War. Britain was looking toward towards the future, maybe a uncertain future, with Hitler and the Nazi’s seizing control in Germany that very year.

‘As the Twentieth Century has developed, the material expression of the ideas of 1893 (The first year Studio was published)  has changed. New schools of painting have grown up. New conceptions of architecture and art have appeared.  After the realism of the impressionists came the unrealism of the post-impressionists, the uncompromising theories of painting now thoroughly in revolt and with the bit between its teeth. promising theories. The controversy began before the war. It has been resumed since the war, with an increase of acerbity…… Painting has become associated with the horror of mechanical warfare; with the blackened and devastated fields of Flanders; where the landscape was transmuted by shell-fire into a mournful synthesis; with the fretful license of post-war generation; seeking artificial excitement in a return to the stimulus of barbarism; with the decay and with revolution. ‘  By C.G.Holme The Studio’ 1933

Reference: Black 148

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