Claes Oldenburg original drawing on ‘Notebook page 1’



Claes Oldenburg Original Drawing on Lithograph.

An original drawing in felt tip on an offset lithograph titled ‘Notebook Page 1.’  The Offset lithograph is printed in four colours on cream paper. The paper is a moderately thick and slightly textured, printed on one side only.  The drawing in felt tip, is of two London knees and is dated 1966. Drawn in Oldenburg’s typical style. As we have no provenance, the piece can only be attributed to Oldenburg. It isn’t signed by him and was purchased at an estate auction of a art book dealer. One can only surmise that Oldenburg did this drawing on the sheet for a colleague working on the publication of ‘London Knees’ at the time. ‘London Knees’ was published in London by Editions Alecto Ltd in 1968. Although production had begun in 1966. Oldenburg would have been in London to oversee the printing and publication of the series. The lithograph, dimensions and description, does match with what is stated in the Axon & Platzker  ‘Catalogue Raisonne 1958-1996’.




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Reference: Axon & Platzker 51.

The complete set would have consisted of ‘two ‘Knees’; two sewn felt bags; acrylic base; thirteen offset lithographs printed in one or four colours; three green cloth-covered paper-board folders; cloth-covered ‘traveling case’. Edition size of ‘London Knees’ was 120, published by Editions Alecto Ltd, London in association with Neuendorf Verlag, Berlin. Axon & Platzker state there were also 10 A/P’s, Exhibition set, 1 unsigned unnumbered set.’ They also state that the prints were executed by Lautrec Lith Ltd., Leeds, and by Editions Alecto Ltd., London. 



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