Coronation Procession Panorama with moveable pictures



Coronation Procession Panorama with moveable pictures

‘Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Procession. With Movable Pictures’ A panorama published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. England. Four scenes, bound accordion-like, panorama. Collated and complete with the 46 cut out pictures and figures set in place in the slots provided. There is an envelope at rear to place the pieces if you wish. The cover has some light wear and some of the slots have minor tears and generally a very nice example of an activity book in celebration of the coronation of our late queen. Not pristine but still in very good condition and amazing that it is still complete after all this time. It is noticeable that the card used is not good quality due to a paper being in short supply even though the Second World War ended 6 years previously. Earlier editions of this series are made of better quality card.

Folded Size 25 x 31cm [10 x 12 inches ]

Item details

Publisher: Raphael Tuck
Date: 1953
Place: London
Book ID: 60003650

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