MOORE, Deana

Coiled pot with blue terra sigilatta



Handmade Ceramic coiled pot by Deana Moore.

This item has been built entirely by coiling. The surface has not been glazed but has a terra sigilatta slip and therefore is porous. Therefore not suitable to hold water.

The inside is yellow and outside a soft blue and has been smoked.

As it is coiled and made by hand, this piece would have taken at least three days to complete. A thrown piece take about 10 minutes to throw with a little extra time to tidy up and glaze. As I do take time over my work, I am unable to produce a large quantity of work. Some of my work were used to illustrate the coiling showcase in ‘Complete Pottery Techniques’ published by Dorling Kindersley published 2019.

Size Height 25cm  (10 inches)

Size Width largest at rim 20cm (8 inches)


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