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Deana Moore Tripod vessel in red glaze



Large Tripod pot hand built using the coiling and slabbing technique in its construction. This piece, like all of my Tripod pieces, has been built up slowly over a period of time, usually taking up to 2-3 weeks, waiting for the clay to dry before proceeding, a long process. The piece has been glazed in a plain bright red glaze. Made in 2022.

Height: 190mm (7.25 inches)

Width: 140mm (6 inches)

Weight: 1003 grams



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Deana Moore   British 1956

Deana Moore potter, ceramist, teacher & art dealer. Born in South East London, she attended Kidbrooke Comprehensive School where she was taught ceramics as part of her art studies. She continued her training at Camberwell School of Art & Craft. Her tutors were Ewen Henderson, Colin Pearson, Janice Tchalenko, Glynis Barton, Ian Auld and John Forde. She exhibited in a show in 1982 in Covent Garden, London, called  ‘Clay in the Garden’. Other exhibitors included Angus Suttie, Julian Stair, Dan Kelly, Linda Gunn-Russell & Henry Pim. After a thirty year break from ceramics, this is her latest work. The work consists of new designs and a working progress on some older ones.

‘My ceramic pieces are made by coiling and slabbing. Pots and their form, which is sometimes asymmetrical, is the most important aspect of the work to me. I have always been interested in making pots supported by legs which are either coiled or slabbed although recently my works have had flat bases. Although some of my pieces look as if I have been inspired by the human form, it was not intentional.

After a thirty year break from ‘potting’, I am now experimenting with mixing porcelain with different clays; my surface techniques include burnished & smoked earthenware and stoneware glazes. However it is the form which is still the primary inspiration for my works.

After working with antiquities as an art student in a shop and being near the British Museum, early pieces from Anatolia, china and Bronze age works really inspired me. I was fortunate to have been a student at Camberwell when the tutors were so inspirational. My tutor was Ewen Henderson; Colin Pearson and Janice Tchalenko taught me throwing.’ 2017

.Her work has been photographed and used in magazines such as ‘Homes and Gardens’ and ‘Home and Antiques’. Her hand-built coiled pieces were used and photographed in ‘Complete Pottery Techniques’ published by Dorling Kindersley published 2019 used as the coiling showcase


1977  Harlow Theatre

1978  ‘Innate Harmony’  St. Johns Woods, London.

1982  ‘Clay in the Garden’  Seven Dials Gallery, Covent Garden, London.

1983  ‘Pots for Plants’  Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

1983  Westminster Trading Company, Boston, USA

1983  ‘Arredato’ Knightsbridge, London

2017  London Potters, Morley College

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