GALANIS, Demetrius

Demetrius Galanis untitled- Building in Paris



Demetrius Galanis Etching.

This etching has been engraved onto a  copper plate. The engraving was published in ‘Les Grands Jours du 1er Arrondissement de Paris’  just after the Second World War Two in 1945, after liberation. (‘Les Grands Jours du 1er Arrondissement de Paris’ translates as ‘The Great Day of the First Arrondissement of Paris’)  The etching is initialled in the plate only and is from the  limited edition of 1000 copies on lana paper. In good condition.UNSIGNED.

Image size 165 x 155mm
Page size 280 x220mm

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Galanis received greater critical acclaim abroad in his lifetime than any other Greek modern artist of the early 20th century. The French state honoured him with the highest distinctions: full professor at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris and a lifelong member of the Académie française .

Having moved to Paris in 1900, living close to Montmartre for fifty years in a house which is now musée de Montmartre, Galanis developed his artistic talent beyond painting. He was also known for his illustrative wood engravings in books having worked as an illustrator for most of his artistic career.

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