GILL, Eric

Eric Gill wood engraving ‘Spray of Leaves’ signed.



Eric Gill wood engraving made in 1917. Not numbered but initialled ‘EG’ in pencil. Trimmed close to the margins. Mounted at corners onto a backing board. Framed in a plain gilt frame, not examined out of frame. Gilt on frame lightly scratched. Appears to be in good condition.

Size sheet size 3.5 x 4.5cm; (1.5 x 1 .75 inches)

Frame size 38 x 28cm (15 x11 inches)


Item details

Reference: Physick 108. Proofs of a design originally printed with the letters M.V.O.J for ‘In memoriam Olof Alice Johnson Veronica Mary’, a funeral card printed at St. Dominic’s Press, Ditchling, Sussex, 1917. The letters were subsequently cut away and the block used for illustration on page 2  of ‘God and the Dragon’, rhymes by Peplar, St. Dominic’s Press publication. Number 15, 1917; on page 25 of ‘Poor Man’s Pence’ , a book of verses by Faith Ashford, publication Number 16, 1917; on page 23 of ‘The Mistress of Vision’ by Francis Thompson, publication Number 24, 1918:; on the cover of the catalogues of an exhibition of drawings and engravings by the artists held at The alpine Club Gallery, London, 1918.; on page 8 of ‘A May Festival’, programme of a May Festival and old Country fair held at Staplefield Green, Sussex, 20th may 1920, published by the St. Dominic’s Press, 1920; on page 12 of ‘A Plain Plaintain’ by Russell Alexander, publication Number 36, 1922; on the cover ‘Autumn Midnight’ by Francis Cornford, printed by the St .Dominic’s press, published by The Poetry Bookshop, London, 1923; to ‘St. Thomas Aquinas Calendar 1925’ published by St. Domics Press, 1924; on page 17 of ‘Wood Engraving’, 2nd edition, by Beedham, publication Number 33, 1925; on plate 30 of ‘Engravings by Eric Gill’ published by Douglas Cleverdon, 1929.




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