Eric Ravilious lithograph ‘Letter Makers. The Luminor Sign Co.’ 1937



Original lithograph by Eric Ravilious printed by Curwen Press, in 1937. As published in ‘Signature. A Quadrimestrial of Typography and Graphic Arts Number 5. March 1937’. Printed the year before, this is a colour variant with larger margins to the later edition published in ‘High Street by J M Richards as sheets from the book, ‘High Street’ are trimmed to the edge. As less of these prints were issued in ‘Signature’ than in the book form, they are scarcer. Not mounted/ matted.In excellent condition.

Image Size 15 x 13.5 cm [6 x 5.25 inches)

Sheet size 25 x 18 cm [7 x 9.5 inches)

Item details

Ravilious first experiments for ‘High Street’ by J M Richards were first published in Signature in March 1937, a year before the publication of the ‘High Street’. Although the image sizes are the same, there is a colour variation between the ‘Signature’ and the ‘High Street’ edition. The window being a red in this edition, the later High Street edition in green.

John Piper wrote ” There is an accent on line in all the work of Eric Ravilious. …The delight of his new lithographs of shop fronts is a kind of a kind that is rare enough.’

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