Fey by Kirstie Edwards



‘Fey’ by Kirstie Edwards.

Written and illustrated by Kirstie Edwards. Published by Red Artist Garden Group in 2012 probably in a small edition size. Complete set of 3 volumes. All bound in pictorial card wrappers, A5 in size, all in varying degree of length, 32-44 leaves/ pages. An illustrated story in comic form. All fine copies. Published by RGAG, a small group of artists who self-publish their own comics under a collective name who are influenced by manga art . The story description: As a child Ann had a gift of creating a race of fantastical beings she called ‘Fey’, but through harsh taunting and teasing from her peers, she chose to forget her little world and close the fairy-tale book for good. Yet one Fey refused to be forgotten.When Ann is 16, she meets a strange boy with teal hair and dark blue eyes. He’s kind, flirty and good looking too, but alarm bells begin to ring. Her life is soon gets turned upside down as her past comes back to spirit her away once more, into the fantasy she used to love

Size 21 x 15cm, ( 8.5 x 6 inches)


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Publisher: Red Artist Garden Group
Date: 2012
Book ID: 60002238

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