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Francis Bott Poster for ‘Amerika-Haus’ 1951



Amerika-Haus Poster

The ‘Amerika-Haus’ poster was for an exhibition in February, 1951, in Frankfurt,  in which Francis Bott participated. The paper is very acidic and fragile with old handling creases, generally in a poor state.
Size 600 x 400mm

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By the end of the war, the cultural infrastructure of German cities had been destroyed. With the military occupation, United States authorities began to establish Amerika Häuser in various cities to serve as cultural and information centers. Each one had a library with music programs, lecture programs, children’s programs and English teaching facilities. In my view they did a lot to help Germans emotionally and culturally reestablish their society. For instance, in each Amerika Haus there was an openshelf library where people could pick out their own books, check them out, read them there, or take them home. These were the first such open libraries in Germany, and this in itself had a democratizing effect on people. The directors of the university libraries in Frankfurt and Berlin were so impressed with the concept that they rebuilt their own libraries on the openshelf system.

By Hans “Tom” Tuch

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