BOTT, Francis

Francis Bott silkscreen (H1167)



Francis Bott screen print  which is printed in yellow, and red on brown coloured paper. The screen print is signed by Francis Bott in pencil and written  ‘Epreuve d’artist’ (artist’s proof).  Although not dated, this was made between 1969-72. The sheet has one small blemish in margin, see photo, otherwise  excellent condition.
Size 700x 500mm

Reference: Henze 1167 

‘Bott’s style continued to develop throughout his career and in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, he embarked on two major pictorial series, namely Espaces Concertés and Cathédrales. These represented a change to a more linear approach and are characterised by a more vibrant colours in keeping with the mood of the times.’  Quote from Christie’s catalogue ‘Works From The Studio of Francis Bott (1904-1998), 2006.

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