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‘Still Life at Millbank’ by Gordon House



Gordon House Eight Photographic Film Sheets.

These Eight photographic film sheets together form the colour screen print ‘Still Life at Millbank’. Some of the photographic film sheets are in black ink, some in black line, some with the separate elements cut-out and collage. The colour screen print was published for the Tate Gallery show to celebrate Kelpra Prints in 1980. Made at the Kelpra Workshops and published in an edition of 150. The same elements were then re-used to make the ‘Series 6’ series of 1980. Gordon House wrote of the Series ‘Ordered form ideas on random gridded formats but again imposed with strong division, gives an endless opportunity to evoke other thoughts, memories and some surprises…..’
Sheet sizes 530 x 750mm.

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Reference: Baro 125.

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