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Guinness Lithograph ‘Ballymoss’ by John Skeaping and Kenneth Rowntree



Guinness lithograph titled Ballymoss Winning the George Vl Stakes painted by John Skeaping at Ascot 19th July 1958, painted by Kenneth Rowntree presented by Guinness’

A large Guinness ithograph which formed part of the second series of posters that they made to celebrate the publication of  ‘Guinness World Records’. Printed by the Curwen Press in lithography, it was one of six in the series. This print has suffered. The right margin is slightly discoloured with a large piece of paper in the top right corner missing affecting the grey blank margin but not the image. There are light handling creases in left margin, otherwise good.

Size 590 x 910mm   (23.5 x 36 inches)

‘Skeaping was a sculptor of the human figure and of animals, particularly horses and antelopes. He constantly drew from animals, and became very familiar with their anatomy and their distinctive characteristics. In 1933, the year that Skeaping carved this horse, he also illustrated the ‘Whipsnade Zoo Animal Book’. In 1936 he published a book entitled ‘Animal Drawing which was followed in 1941 by ‘How to Draw Horses’. ‘Horse’ was purchased for Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire in 1937 by a group of subscribers and it remained on view there until 1945 when it was presented to the Tate Gallery.’  Tate Gallery web site

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