Ewen Henderson thumb pot holding a pebble



Ewen Henderson bowl made to hold a pebble. Built by hand, a thumb pot, glazed in a stoneware (1200-1280 centigrade)  in various glazes. Held in place a a small slab which can be placed in a slit to hold the pebble in place.

Size Height 5cm

Size Width 7cm


Item details

‘In building Henderson likes to keep options open and tries to maintain plasticity in the clay until the final stages. He will often make a form in a number of pieces, working concurrently on the different sections. The whole piece may be liable to late revision, and for this he now uses paper clay, made up if 30% paper pulp and 705 clay slip. With it he can add thin sections, new surfaces, fill cracks and alter and redefines edges, even after numerous firings.’….. ‘ Expansion and shrinkage in the kiln will contort and split the surface, creating a rich and varied patina, almost geological in appearance’ ….’He takes risks, but this consummate craftsman certainly controls what he does, even if the outcome can look fragile and precarious forms to the point of collapse’ 

Quote from David Whiting’ 1995;  as published in ‘Ewen Henderson’, published by Marston House , 1995 by Roger Berthoud, David Whiting and Christopher Reid.

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