HILER, Hilaire

Hilaire Hiler painting ‘Structuralism’



Painting by Hilaire Hiler.

The painting by Hilaire Hiler is an original Structuralism painting at its best. It is painted in  gouache,signed and dated 1949 by the artist. Framed in its original 1940’s oak frame with a fabric surround. The painting is in very good condition, the fabric on the frame slighlty discoloured with age, else good.

Painting size:  10.5 x 13.5 inches  (26 x 34cm)

Frame size  18 x 21 inches  (47 x 54cm)


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 Starting in the 1930s he wrote numerous books and articles on colour; his earliest writings, such as ‘Notes on the Technique of Painting’ (1932) and ‘Color Harmony and Pigments’ (1940), were primarily technical manuals. In Los Angeles he lectured on colour theory and founded Fremont College, which specialized in teaching colour and design theories. More importantly he formulated a concept of “structuralism” that would dominate his art. Hiler’s theory of Structuralism embodied a kind of “scientific analysis of color-form,” as it was described by the art critic and theorist Waldemar George.

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