Issues Numbers 1 & 2. Two Volumes.



Issues Numbers 1 & 2. Two Volumes.

Both same size and 20pp. Bound in pictorial white paper wrappers with text and illustrations printed in black and white only. The first one is printed on thinner paper, Number 2 is on thicker white paper. Issue 1 is signed in biro by artist. Size 21mm x 13cm, (8.25 x 5.25 inches) Daiva Tubutyte (born in Vilnius, Lithuania) lives and works in Berlin.. Her film, photography and writing are centered around protagonists in a state of mental shift, often expressed through a monologue. Through story telling, impressions from life and media, are translated into a play of associative metaphors, memories and signs, which aim at subverting familiar cultural narratives as a way to offer a healing of consumer-culture-induced anxieties. Consumer objects are often used, both in film and in text, as metaphors for inner states and attitudes of her protagonists, as well as a representation of the attitudes and va

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Publisher: Self Published
Date: 2011
Book ID: 60002216

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