WHISTLER, James McNeill

J.M.Whistler lithograph ‘The Market Place, Vitré, 1893’



J.M.Whistler transfer lithograph printed in black ink. Printed on fine handmade laid paper with watermark, a star in a elaborated square with the letter ‘J’. (This watermark is only found in two subjects, of which this is one.)   One of only fifty-six impressions printed by Goulding in 1904, the stone was erased the same year.  A posthumous edition. Way states that there were 12 lifetime impressions, prior to the Goulding printing.In good condition. Rare.

Image size 203 x 162 mm
Sheet size 305 x 195 mm (12 x 7.5 inches)


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Reference:  Chicago 62 I/I; Levy 66; Way 40: Chicago states that  ‘This is one of seven lithographs resulting from a the trip Whistler and his wife made to Brittany during July and August 1893. The scene was drawn either in Paimpol or Vitre on the Breton coast. The drawing for The Marketplace, Vitre was one of five subjects on fine-grained transfer paper that Whistler mailed to London upon his return to Paris from Brittany in September 1893. The drawings were transferred to stone and proved by the Way firm’. Whistler had hoped for its inclusion the Studio magazine.

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