‘Last Bus, Weymouth’ By John Farleigh



John Farleigh Wood Engraving made in 1950.

The wood engraving is printed on thin machine made paper, paper still rationed after the Second World War. The print is signed and titled in pencil  and is number 13 of 30 copies. A scarce print.

253 x 362 mm (10 x 14 1/4 in)

John Farleigh only  produced about thirty wood engravings as original prints, he mainly produced them as book illustrations. This wood engraving is listed in ‘The Wood Engravings by John Farleigh’ by Monica Poole, published by Gresham Books, 1985.  Monica Poole states that it was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1953 and was also titled ‘ Evening Bus, Weymouth‘. Although she dates this as being made in 1953 and of an edition of 40 copies, she also states that:

 ‘Where the date of the engraving is unknown I have taken the date the print was first exhibited at one of three galleries at which John Farleigh regularly showed his works. The Royal Academy of Arts (R.A), The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Wood engravers (R.E.) and The Society of Wood Engravers (S.W.E.). Where a date from ‘Graven Image’ is given in addition, an apparent error in dating on the part of the artists is indicated, It is likely some editions, particularly later ones, were not completed.’

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