John Piper ‘Eye and Camera. Red,Blue,Yellow’



John Piper Signed Screen Print.

The screen print was printed by Kelpra Studios in 1980. It is signed in pencil, but not numbered, a proof pull outside the edition of 150. In excellent condition.
Image size: 400 x 605 mm
Sheet size 600 x 750 cm.


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 Reference: Levinson 317

‘The Eye and Camera prints are complex works, not yet appreciated for their approach to the figure and to modernism. The series is based on photographs of Piper’s wife Myfanwy, and presents the female figure in semi-nude poses which at first glance are suggestive of advertising imagery. It shows Piper at the forefront of Pop Art, taking up Pop Art’s concern with bright colours and images from popular culture.’
‘The Eye and Camera series reduces the figure to its essential features, almost to an abstraction. Although the individual works are thematically similar, there is no repetition between them. The prints transform a photographic portrait of a nude into a more universal statement about love and the body.’

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