John PIPER lithograph proof sheet for ‘English Scottish and Welsh Landscape’ 1944



John Piper lithograph which is a large proof sheet for the prints in ‘English Scottish and Welsh Landscape‘. The book ‘English Scottish and Welsh Landscape’ was published in 1944, just after the Second World War and published by Frederick Muller. The prints were printed by the Curwen Press. The paper is standard quality machine-made lithographic cartridge, this has yellowed a little through age and is slightly brittle, which has resulted here in two tears. These have been mended with acid-free reversible tape and are approx 40mm in length, one just running to edge of image, there is also creasing at edges, else good.

Sheet Size 565 x 890 mm ((22 x 35 inches)

Reference: Levinson 34-46.

Frederick Muller published several illustrated books illustrated by leading contemporary artists of the day. Consequently lithographs were printed to a very high standard and he used the Curwen Press. It was the Curwen Press who later printed many of John Piper’s limited edition screen prints.

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 A few of the lithographs were sold in sheet form without the artist’s knowledge. Subsequently some were signed by him on request.

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