Jon Middlemiss Ceramic Vessel from ‘Boat’ series. (Copy)



John Middlemiss ceramic vessel from ‘Boat’ series.Not dated but circa 1996-2000. A thrown and reformed piece made in clay which has been polished and with a design sprayed. Perfect condition. Signed on base.


Height 18.5cm  (7.5inches)

Width  32cm (12.5 inches)

Deptyh 20cm (8 inches)

Item details

Boat Vessels series was ‘influenced by figureheads and goddess vessels from other cultures. Thrown and reformed using polished clay, perspex and metals as additions. Exhibited at The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries London.; Hart Gallery, London; Visit for Renwick Alliance at studio in Lelant.

‘Optical polarity vessels. Balance between contrasted formal qualities, visual and tactile, illusionary and physical, masculine and feminine. Multi-fired with masked and sprayed glazes, slips and metal lustres. Museum Fur Kunsthandwerk und Design, Grassimuseum, Leipzig, Germany.; MathematiKeramik – DesignGeometrie, Berlin. Exhibition with I.A.C. In Japan.’ 

Jonathan Middlemiss ‘Archive and Land Art 1972-2001’

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